Cleaning solutions, from and by the vedas

fromVedas Philosophy

Where it all began

The lockdown was catastrophic, it made us realize how we don't appreciate the small things in life. It taught us to be more empathetic and considerate. But in the process, we noticed chemicals and adulteration dominate most of our household products. Rapid industrialization and modern technology has driven our generation farther away from nature. We drifted miles away from our roots and Vedic lifestyles. When we look back, we realized how our beloved grandmas always had an organic alternative for household chores. They always came up with something innovative to keep us healthy, safe and chemical free. 

We had an epiphany, we wanted to create something natural and chemical free that does not harm your skin when you perform your household chores. We curated organic cleaning solutions to keep you and your family chemical free. 

We created fromVedas. 

We are a new age brand that believes in making easy to use, safe for hands, organic and environment friendly cleaning solutions. We are largely inspired by our Vedic ancestors who believed in the fruits of nature as solutions for every problem. We are a perfect mixture of organic solutions suggested by the Vedas and research by modern science for the production of our products. We find the use of activated charcoal as a cleaning agent from ancient times. We take great pride in making activated charcoal only from coconut shells and Natural colors derived from vegetable sources. Our packaging is biodegradable and the products are completely made from organic oils, vegetable extracted colors, purely natural fragrances. The ingredients are sourced directly from Mother nature without any compromise on quality.

Our desire to give back to the environment and to bring back organic solutions lives in every aspect of our product. We offer products that are a variety of cleaning solutions ranging from bath soaps to detergents. FromVedas is your new age organic cleaning alternative